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P and-i-protections Solid steel roller shutters

As you might expect, the majority of unlawful entries to properties are through doors and windows so it makes sense to keep them as impenetrable as you can.

Give your doors and windows extra protection

Roller shutters not appropriate?

If you just don't feel as if roller shutters are what you need, you're probably right. If you want something less obtrusive, a steel door might be what you need.

Roller shutters are suitable for all sorts of buildings and properties

Different types of roller shutters include:

Whether it's a shop, a garage or an industrial unit you're looking after, our wide range of roller shutters is perfect for keeping things locked up. Our roller shutters are so strong and sturdy that you don't need to worry about a thing.

• Galvanised steel roller shutters

• Perforated roller shutters

• Solid steel roller shutters

• Electric security roller shutters

• Domestic security roller shutters

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